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The Data Center is a water consumption analysis tool for the water professional. The software utilizes data collected with the G2-Mobile or G2-Net AMR systems to manipulate, analyze and present data.

The Data Center provides the user with a variety of standard formats to aid in leak and conservation analysis, water balances, district metering programs, distribution sizing, and more.

Data Center Features:
Stand-alone software which requires no other applications for operation.   
   Exports are in MS Excel format for further analysis.

Simple user interface for the creation, loading and saving of group accounts.

Automatic data normalization to ensure integrity of analysis.

Configurable charts including bar charts, line graphs, stacked bar charts,
   pie charts and more.

Historical data in hourly, daily and monthly formats.

Daily interval charts for group total or with individual accounts resolution

Group average flowrates

Immediate exports for current data or charts

Group total export for complete account data

Group sum export for combination of all data into a single “group account”
   which can subsequently be re-imported into software

Simple graph exports and printing
Daily Account Totals

Data Export
Master Meter vs. Group Flowrate Comparison

Master Meter vs. Group Total Comparison
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